One Full Year of Blogging


One year ago, I gave birth to this baby blog. It is hard to believe that only a year has past. It feels like much, much longer to me. Who knew I had SO much to say?

Let me first say THANKS to all my loyal readers who make time to check my blog daily, even when the topic sounds completely ridiculous or way out in left field. I wish I could consistently have something diet- or fitness-related to share with you, something brilliant and life-altering, but honestly, some days I feel like I am scraping the bottom of the barrel. It's a darn good thing that there are people like you out there who stick with me despite these dregs!

Fortunately, I am still inspired to discover and try new recipes, as well as invent some of my own, so it is unlikely I will run out of potential blog material anytime soon. As far as diets go, I am still committed to the Zone, although I am usually less than perfect in its execution. Lately I have avoided that hideous scale completely, and you are correct in assuming this is due to some less than stellar numbers. No one is perfect 100% of the time, so I am just hanging in there with the rest of you, keeping it real. Although I try to avoid sugar most of the time, as well as grains, I do slip up.

These days, I am mostly trying to give myself a bit of break. I have put my bootcamp classes on hold while I give myself the gift of TAKING a yoga class instead of teaching. I am swallowing all of my supplements religiously these days and also drinking more water. While walking my dogs this morning, I noticed that my hips felt much freer, looser, and less painful than usual. It seems that my very gentle yoga class is actually making a difference. Sometimes less really is more.

March is a month of change. The weather usually shifts all over the place in March, sometimes windy, sometimes freezing, sometimes feeling like spring. This March, I am celebrating a full year of blogging as well as the end of a seemingly long and cold winter. I hope you will join me! Let's raise a glass of something and toast to the upcoming spring! And to another year of healthy choices.