Prepare for Spring!

Here in Maryland, spring has been elusive. The official date of the Vernal Equinox came and went, yet it still feels exactly like winter outside. I planted my precious pea seeds a couple of weeks ago, back when there was a tiny hint of spring in the air, and not a single one has sprouted. Not the kale seeds, either.

Yes, this is disheartening. Winter is dragging its heavy, boot-clad feet. Refusing to submit. But we must keep in mind that there has never been a year where winter lasted for all 12 months. (Right?) Spring HAS to be just around the corner!

How do YOU prepare for spring?

There are many time-honored rituals surrounding the beginning of spring. A favorite of mine is the spring cleaning tradition, which has woven its way into many religions. If you are Jewish, the holiday of Passover traditionally begins with a thorough cleaning of the house in order to remove any trace of hametz or flour products. Even if you are not following a religious tradition, a thorough house cleaning can signal a new beginning, a fresh start. And washing those windows will bring more light into your home which will in turn lift your spirits! And most of us could use a lift right about now.

Cleaning your house is one of those win-win situations. (This is coming from a woman who has always HATED cleaning.) I admit, I have to force myself to get started. But once I am on a roll, cleaning actually feels pretty good. Pushing a vacuum cleaner around is a good warm-up. Then getting out the mop and getting a little more vigorous with the scrubbing action might even become aerobic. You could break a sweat here. Using a rag or a brush to scrub the floor will engage the core muscles and build some strength in the upper body as well. Cleaning mirrors and windows will strengthen the arms and back. Just make sure to keep switching sides so that both halves of the body are worked evenly. When you are done, you will have burned some calories, gained some strength, AND produced a beautiful result.

So dig out your duster! Strap on your scrubbers! Make your mirrors shine and your wood floor gleam! Get your kids involved or recruit your spouse. Pretty soon everyone will be sweating, smiling, and admiring the lovely home you have restored!