The Four Hour Chef

Have you heard of Timothy Ferriss? He is the brilliant explorer and experimenter, author of The Four Hour Body and The Four Hour Workweek. Now he has done it again!

The Four Hour Chef is his latest creation, another GIGANTIC tome. When this guy writes a book, he doesn't fool around. This sucker is so heavy that carrying it around is a serious workout. But definitely worth all the sweat.

Filled with simple but delicious recipes and loads of color photographs, as well as much, much more, I highly recommend you check it out. That is, if you are not afraid of exploring the art of cooking from just about every angle possible, including the most scary and disgusting.

Ferriss tackles the subject of learning to cook with his usual depth, attention to minute detail, and humor. This book contains a lot more than just recipes. For example, have you ever considered killing and gutting a deer yourself? If you'd like explicit instructions, along with step by step photos, you will find them here. Interested in competition eating? Perhaps you'd enjoy reading about Ferriss' attempt to finish the Vermonster (a Ben and Jerry's sundae in a bucket designed for 4 people) in record time? Not for the weak of stomach.

If you are wondering how the actual recipes stack up in the nutritional department, I would say very well. Most, if not all, of the recipes are very healthy. Most will easily fit into your weight loss program, especially if you are following the Slow Carb, Atkins, South Beach, or Zone diets. (You may recall that Tim Ferriss is the creator of the Slow Carb Diet, outlined more explicitly in The Four Hour Body.) Many are Paleo-compliant, meaning they do not contain grains, flours, sugars, etc. And most look not only easy to prepare, but also delicious and enticing.

Before I return our copy to the library, I plan to share a recipe or two with you. I have already marked a few that I want to test for myself. But do check out The Four Hour Chef for yourself! There is so much to learn here.