The Power of Touch

When I was composing my lists of daily stuff you must not neglect, touch was one of those things I knew I should include. However, it didn't make the cut. Not on the first list of 4 and not on the second list of 4. (If you missed both of these posts, see Daily Stuff and More Daily Stuff!) My original intention was to create a list that was so easy to accomplish that everyone would say "Oh, I can do THAT!" And I hope that both lists of daily stuff ARE that easy for you. But once you've got those lists handled, maybe you'll want to move on. And touch someone.

Okay, you caught me. I am talking about sex.

But not ONLY about sex. Yes, sex is a great way to give and receive loving and healing touch. And orgasm is something extremely healthy which should not be neglected. There is a good reason they call it a "happy" ending. The hormones released through orgasm create positive feelings of bonding which are vital for a loving relationship. If you haven't done "it" with your partner for awhile, just notice how much warmer and more loving you feel after you do. It's that awesome oxytocin.

But what if you are not currently in a loving relationship? You can give and receive touch in many other ways. (Please note that I am NOT suggesting you touch strangers in any manner, in any setting. This is frowned upon. And may even be illegal.)

Massage is a wonderful example of healing touch. Yes, you may have to pay for it, but if you find an excellent practitioner, the cost will be well worth it. Senior centers often have low-cost massage offered on a regular basis. I have even seen massage therapists set up their chairs at the library and community centers, offering free seated massage. There are massage therapists who will travel to your home and set up their tables, so you don't even need to drive! So there is really no excuse not to get massaged.

There are also many sports, martial arts, types of dance, and various practices which include touch. You might want to explore aikido, Systema, or judo which all emphasize partner work. Ballroom dance of every style employs partnering which can range from a light touch to a strong embrace. Folk dance and Sufi dancing also involve touch. Contact improvisation is a performance art form which is based on moving through space while sharing weight with a partner. Partner yoga is a very fun and challenging way to practice yoga with a friend or loved one. Thai yoga massage is a wonderful blending of massage and yoga where the practitioner both massages and stretches the client. Delicious!

And if all else fails, you can simply offer someone a hug. I have a friend who is the best hugger on the planet. When she hugs you, you KNOW you have been hugged. There is nothing wimpy about it. I hope I have inspired you to go out and hug a friend of your own today. Give them a big bear hug and let them know you care about them. It's good for both of you.