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Yesterday I saw a blog post by Annie Rie (referred by Mr. HowChow, Howard County Food Blogger) about a local farm (very close to New Market, in Frederick County) which sounded so awesome I decided to jump straight in the car and zoom out there. Only about a 25 minute drive from my home in Western Howard County, England Acres has a great little farm market open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am- 6pm. If you are looking for the highest quality, fresh, local produce and much, much more, you simply MUST make the trip!

I have recently read a book all about Vitamin K2 and its importance in avoiding heart disease and osteoporosis (not to mention diabetes, Alzheimer's, and stroke) so I've decided to make a big effort to purchase as many grass fed products as possible. Luckily, there are wonderful local farmers who agree that grass fed makes all the difference.

At England Acres, they raise grass fed beef (Angus cattle) as well as lamb, and eggs. Starting in mid-May, they will be selling their own fresh chicken in addition. They also sell products from other local farmers, including milk, cheeses, pork, and baked goods. (I did not even stroll past the baked goods! I did NOT want to see how good they looked!) Any grass fed product which contains fat will contain Vitamin K2. Today, I purchased eggs, cream, ground beef, and grass fed ricotta cheese. Of course, grass fed products cost more. For example, the one pound container of ricotta was $5.50. But the nutrients found in grass fed products are well worth the extra bucks! (Not to mention: the health and happiness of the cows, chickens, lambs, etc!)

On the other hand, I also purchased some Pink Lady Apples (organic) for only $2 per pound. The tiny, adorable baby turnips were only $2.50 per pound. They also had a wide range of very fresh, organic spring greens. These were priced at $4.50 or $7 per bag. If you are looking for young seedlings to plant in your vegetable garden, they have a selection of organically started plants.

You can find England Acres on the Internet and also on Facebook. You can sign up to receive email announcements of upcoming special activities on the farm. If you are a local reader, I highly recommend taking a quick trip out there to see their beautiful piece of land and to sample their quality products!



  1. Ah, you found my secret farm where I love to shop. I guess my blogging about it was a very good thing.

    Next week we are picking up half a lamb from them, ordered a few weeks back. We go there once or twice a month.

    That ricotta has been used in a lasagna I made a while back. It is wonderful.

    I also buy the bread they sell, and those whole wheat Nature's Yoke egg noodles.

    There is one chicken left in my freezer from last November, the end of their chicken season. Can't wait to stock up this summer.

    Glad you found them!


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