Switch it Up

As you know, I returned from my spring break several pounds heavier than when I left. Not a huge surprise as I threw my diet out the window and ate bread, burgers, fries, chips, cookies, basically all those naughty carbs that I normally avoid. I got home, went back to my usual Zone-compliant diet, and dropped a pound. Yup. Just one.

All my classes started back up (Zumba, Yoga, Pilates) and no more weight came off. GRRRR....

Then I made a tiny change. Not on purpose, either. Mr. Balancing Act ate up all the strawberries which I normally have for breakfast with my non-fat Greek yogurt. This has been my go-to breakfast for YEARS. I measure my yogurt in order to get the correct amount of protein. Sometimes I blend the ingredients into a shake, but mostly not.

Anyway, with no strawberries around, I had to switch it up. So I ate a slice of my homemade, leftover meatloaf for breakfast. (If you want the recipe, I posted it ages ago.) The version I am eating (again) this morning contains a tiny bit of rolled oats, some carrots, and wild garlic mustard greens which I used in place of parsley. The loaf also made good use of the grass-fed ground beef I purchased at England Acres Farm as well as the link sausage I bought there.

As unexpected as it sounds, I was down 2 whole pounds today after this small switch. No exercise yesterday as it was my day off, so I certainly didn't BURN off those 2 pounds. I pretended to stretch in front of the TV so I could have an excuse for watching so many shows on Food Network back to back. I swear, I am totally addicted.

Needless to say, I returned to the fridge for the last slice of meatloaf for breakfast today. Keep your fingers crossed that this switch-up will continue to do the trick!!!