That Magic Pill

I confess: I saw a commercial for the latest weight loss drug on television the other day, and I was sorely tempted! Although I am quite sure that drugs are NOT the way to go, for just a split second I really yearned to pop a pill into my mouth and be DONE. Not have to think for another minute about what I should eat (and NOT eat!) to lose a couple more pounds. (It didn't help that this drug was supposedly made for women around menopause who tend to put on belly fat!)

I am guessing that most of us, even a few of you brilliant readers, could fall prey to the drug companies who know how desperately we yearn for EASY weight-loss. If only it could be that simple. Just down a tiny magic pill each morning and suddenly (POOF!) skinny! I'll bet some of you have even tried some of the pills out there.

Unfortunately most of the diet pills that are available over-the-counter are worthless. In fact, many are worse than worthless because any pill containing ingredients that can speed up your heart can be dangerous. It is impossible to predict how your body will react to the cocktail of herbs and other compounds present. Many of these pills have been pulled from the shelves over the years as consumers have had very negative reactions. Even death.

So my suggestion to you is: save your money! Believe me, I know the trials and tribulations of trying to lose weight the natural way. Although I am completely against it, I understand why some people opt for surgery. But if you have ever watched a season of Biggest Loser, you have witnessed firsthand how diet and exercise CAN and DO work! No matter what your age. No matter what your starting weight. No matter whether you are injured or just old and whiny, you can lose weight without a magic pill or a scalpel.

And the reason I am STILL typing away on this lap top and posting yet another blog, is that we can do this TOGETHER! I am with you. I am constantly struggling down this same road. I am never perfect in this quest, but I am tenacious!!! So let's stick together and do this naturally. Sorry- no drugs to recommend!