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I thought I'd write a post this week about some of the products I have been sampling lately. I try to always fill you in when I discover new, delicious, healthy additions to my diet.

Awhile back, I wrote a little bit about hemp seeds. At the time, I had never even tasted them. I had seen them in my local Costco (in Columbia, MD) but when I attempted to purchase a bag, they had mysteriously disappeared. We searched high and low, as they love to move their merchandise around at Costco just to drive their customers mad, but there were no hemp seeds to be found. I tried Trader Joe's but they only carry hemp protein powder.

Then, out of the blue last week, hemp seeds reappeared at Costco! Hallelujah! I grabbed a bag right away. Not cheap: about $15 for 28 ounces, which is not quite 2 pounds. (Yes, I did that math all by myself right in my head.) I hoped I was going to like these things!

And I did. I do! I am eating some this morning, sprinkled over my Greek yogurt. Yesterday, I baked a rhubarb raspberry crisp and used some in the granola topping. I also threw some into a shake. The flavor is slightly reminiscent of walnuts. Not too strong or overpowering, just delicately pleasant. But the nutritional aspect is outstanding. These seeds contain plenty of protein and healthy fats, including omega-3's. In addition, they are loaded with minerals like zinc, magnesium, potassium, and iron.

Another great find at Costco this time of year is the mangoes. They are not your average supermarket mango, but a yellow variety which is slightly smaller. I have heard people calling them "champagne" mangoes. The flavor is fantastic: very sweet and juicy, with vibrant color and a taste that shouts mango. Great in a smoothie with Greek yogurt.

On the other hand, I have found the strawberries at Costco to be hit-or-miss. The last batch we bought were very large, which always tends to mean less flavor. Usually, the bigger berries are simply more watery. And that was the case with these. I can't wait for my own to ripen!

And the Howard County Farmers Markets will open again in May! There is a market somewhere in Howard County on almost every single day of the week, so if you are looking for absolutely fresh, fantastic local produce, you will never have to drive too far.

That's all for today. Please fill me in when you discover something delicious that everyone else will surely want to try!