Light Lemon Cole Slaw

Last night, we fired up the grill (I say "we" meaning Mr. Balancing Act) and made our first beer can chicken.  Normally, I roast a chicken in the oven once a week, but the temperatures have suddenly soared, along with the humidity, so we switched to outdoor cooking methods. It has been awhile since we made a beer can chicken (stuffed with a can of Natty Bo!) and this one turned out a bit over-cooked. Next time, we will reduce the number of charcoal briquettes as well as the cooking time.

But the cole slaw came out great! (If I do say so myself!) I am a huge fan of cole slaw and love to experiment with various flavor combinations. Yesterday, maybe because it was so darn hot, I went for a very light, lemony dressing with just a hint of spice. If you normally find cole slaw gloppy, overly sweet, and basically unappealing, this version will change your mind.


1 package shredded green cabbage or cole slaw mix
1 large or several baby carrots, finely julienned
3 green onions, sliced thinly, including the green tops
1 heaping TB mayo (I use Hellman's but making your own would be even better!)
3 heaping TB plain yogurt
juice of 1/2 large lemon
seasoned salt to taste
freshly ground pepper
dash of hot sauce

If you have time, begin by dumping the shredded cabbage into a large colander and sprinkling about a TB of salt over it. Toss well and leave it to drain over a bowl. After an hour or more, rinse the cabbage under cold water and drain again. This step removes some of the bitter liquid from your cabbage and improves the texture of the final dish. If you are in a hurry, just skip it.

Toss all the veggies with the rest of the ingredients. Taste for seasoning and adjust as needed. Chill for an hour or more before serving, unless you can't possibly wait that long. Makes about 4 servings, unless you love it as much as I do. In that case, it makes about 2 servings! Goes great with any kind of barbecue, burgers, fish, or chicken. Enjoy!


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