Sprouted Tofu

While doing our weekly shopping at Trader Joe's this week, I spied another new product in the refrigerated case: Sprouted Tofu. I had never heard of such a thing! We normally buy the extra firm tofu for stir-fries.

There is quite a bit of controversy out there in Nutritionland about soy products. There are people who will tell you that soy is a wonderful, low calorie, low cholesterol product which you should eat until it comes out your ears. There are others who insist that soy is not healthy for humans and that we really can't digest it well. I take a middle of the road approach (this is how I normally drive) and eat a small amount of soy, mostly in the form of fermented products like natto and miso.

If you have been a regular reader of my blog, you already know that I prefer sprouted wheat bread to regular whole wheat bread. When grains are sprouted, they become more easily digestible. Trader Joe's carries a few different kinds of sprouted grain bread. I am definitely a fan. Turns out, when soybeans are sprouted, more of the nutritional value becomes available. So sprouted tofu contains more protein, calcium, and iron than regular tofu.

Another new-to-me product I purchased this week was the organic strawberries. I had eaten a few too many terrible strawberries from Costco and had given up on them, I'm sad to say, as strawberries are one of my very favorite fruits. But as I type this blog, I am having a bowl of organic strawberries and Indian-style whole milk yogurt. Delicious! The strawberries actually taste like strawberries! (Maybe yours always do, but I have eaten plenty that taste like sour nothing.) The Indian-style yogurt came from Costco in an ENORMOUS tub, so I'm happy that it also tastes great. I've been consuming Kirkland Greek Yogurt for years (which is nonfat) and felt like taking a break from that.

These are my latest finds for the week. If you discover something delicious and/or nutritious, please share it with everyone in a comment below!