An Awesome Attitude

Recently I turned 50. Yup. I still feel a little dizzy and nauseous when I think about it. I know it's just a number, but that dang number has been kicking my butt. At the time, I thought 30 was bad. Now I know better! And from here on out, the numbers are not getting any prettier. Even if 60 is the new 40.

Due to my advancing years, I have instituted a daily body tune-up time. Mr. Balancing Act has purchased or devised all types of equipment for us to practice daily maintenance on our bodies. We now own not one, but three different foam rollers. We also use every kind of sports ball, including tennis, lacrosse, soccer, and softballs. We roll our various body parts on top of these devises to produce excruciating pain. The goal is to release some of the tightness which has built up in our muscles over the past 5 decades.

My attitude toward my daily obligation to my body has been less than stellar. Basically, I have been feeling like I am constantly playing catch-up, but never really getting anywhere. For example, my ankles will be killing me so I will massage the bejesus out of my tight calf muscles. And I might get a little relief from the ankle pain the next day. But the minute I return to bootcamp or Zumba class, BAM! All the tension returns. And with the tightness, comes the pain. Like a never-ending cycle.

But last night when I began my foam-rolling session, I had a sudden shift. I decided that I was no longer going to simply work toward MAINTAINING my body. Instead, going forward, I am planning to work toward new heights of awesomeness. Because basic maintenance is boring! It does not inspire much excitement. And I hate the feeling of constantly slipping further and further behind.

So I am here today to encourage you to do the same. No matter what your age, you are not dead yet!!! (Take a moment now and pinch yourself to make sure.) And as long as you are alive, there is still time for you to learn something new. To try something different. To master a new instrument. To earn a degree. To develop new skills. To climb a tall mountain. To learn to skateboard or rollerblade or kayak or mountain bike. Or to improve those skills you have been honing all your life. It is not too late for us. Let's aim for awesome!