ANOTHER rainy bootcamp!

There is an old Jewish saying, "Man plans and God laughs." (Or something along those lines. I've never been any good at remembering old sayings.) Yesterday, I planned to teach bootcamp in the park. God laughed so hard that enormous tears rolled down His (or Her) face and the resulting downpour eventually became so darn ridiculous that all I could do was join in with my own laughter.

At that point, we were gathered under the shelter of our pavilion, thank God! Beforehand, we had been roving around the park, using the various (sopping wet!) structures to strengthen our body parts by pulling, pressing, stepping and jumping, lifting and lowering. The drizzle felt great on our skin and the occasional breeze was even more awesome.

The workout really felt like bootcamp. Although we didn't crawl under any barbed wire, and I didn't insult anyone or call them "recruit" in a condescending tone, we did get dirty. The sand stuck to our shoes, then stuck to the benches, and then stuck to our hands when we did push-up's. The wooden fence was slippery with moldy slime. We were truly drenched by the end of the hour, from a combination of sweat, humidity, and rain. No one was bleeding, which I guess is a plus, but there was plenty of whining. Unfortunately most of it came from me.

Looking back on that hour, I realize that we have something really special going on in that park next door. I'm not sure (barring all forms of bribery) I could convince many random women to join me, in the rain, for a kick-ass, bootcamp-style workout. And yet, I have a handful of HARDCORE devotees who show up NO MATTER WHAT. If I say bootcamp is ON, they are THERE! I can count on them. And that is saying a whole hell of a lot.

The other thing I realized today is that we are all capable of SO much more than we give ourselves credit for. Yes, the weather sucked. Yes, it would have been easy to cancel my class and go back to bed. Yes, everyone was probably expecting me to cancel. BUT: we all did it! We persevered and we struggled and we kicked butt and we got it DONE!

So don't sell yourself short. Whatever obstacles are in your path, you can blast right through them. Focus on your goal and don't let a little rain (or humidity or crankiness or bloating or a hangnail) get in your way! You are better than that. Get up and get it done!