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Let's face it: absolutely anything can get boring after a while. You can get sick of chocolate cheesecake or peanut butter cups or even sex. Well, most people can. And even when you find an exercise routine that seems perfect for you in every way, some days it can still feel flogging a dead horse.

That's where you MUST inject some variety into your routine. (Speaking of beating a dead horse, I'm thinking I might have mentioned this topic before...)

I mention it again now because I am in the process of choreographing a new hour of songs for my Fit Jam classes. Yes, these classes used to be called ZUMBA, but I am branching out and creating my own brand of dance-based fitness classes these days. Although the name ZUMBA served me well for the past 5 years, and probably brought many people into my classes who may not have otherwise been so inclined, I have found that most of my students are willing to stick with me, no matter what I call my class. And this way, I have increased freedom and decreased restrictions. Win win.

One of the things I have enjoyed most about teaching ZUMBA, and now my Fit Jam classes, is the inherent variety within each class. Of course, there are Zumba teachers who only teach Latin style moves and use only Latin music, but I have always adhered to Beto's (Beto Perez = creator of ZUMBA) original philosophy about including styles and music from all over the world. Who cares if neither he nor I was or ever will be an expert in flamenco, belly dance, or Israeli folk dance? The goal is not to be authentic or perfect in any style. The goal is to move your body in a wide variety of ways, rhythms, tempos, and dynamics in order to get your heart racing and your sweat flowing. And to have fun!!!

So I am putting together a brand new CD (yes, I am still using that ancient technology!) of songs including everything from today's pop and Latin to African and 80's. I have combed through all my old CD's to try and find songs I had forgotten. Songs I used to love. I am mixing it up, as usual. And trying to keep myself (and all my students) excited about being in class. Otherwise, we might as well give up. We might as well get on the treadmill and watch TV as a workout. (UGH! Never!)

Is your current fitness routine getting to be a big bore? Find a way to make it new again. Put together a new songlist for your daily run. Or try a new bike path or hiking trail. Take a different kind of yoga for a change or maybe switch to Pilates for the summer. Join an outdoor pool club and start swimming some laps or sign up for water aerobics. Don't get stuck in a rut!


  1. Do you teach your class within Columbia Association? It sounds like a lot of fun and I'd love to try.

    1. I teach through Howard County Rec and Parks. My summer session starts June 17 and runs for 5 weeks. If you have to miss a class, I allow make-up's during the same session.


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