Glenwood Farmer's Market

I finally got to a Howard County Farmers' Market for the first time this year. (Well, I am not counting England Acres or Larriland.) And I was not disappointed in the least. In fact, the Saturday market in front of the Glenwood Library totally ROCKED!

First of all, there was wine. Yes, you heard me correctly. Wine! I was able to sample several delicious varieties from Elk Run Vineyard. I purchased a bottle of a lovely summery wine called Red Door. The experience elevated the typical farmers' market shopping trip to a whole new level. I practically danced all the way back to my car.

In addition, I purchased a quart of gorgeous ripe strawberries. I hemmed and hawed in front of the stand, worried about the gigantic load of fruit currently residing in my household. Then a savvy salesperson talked me into it. These are the last of the season, so how could I resist?

The selection of fresh veggies was mind-boggling. Next week, I will definitely need to make more room in the fridge before heading to the market. Beautiful beets, onions, turnips, summer squash, cabbages, all kind of greens, and fresh herbs were abundant. I purchased a head of red cabbage, but every variety was available.

Lastly, I found some farm-fresh eggs for sale. I bought a dozen large brown eggs from TLV Tree Farm for $4. Breezy Willow also sells a mixed dozen, with both brown and blue-green eggs included, for $5. I didn't purchase any meat this time around, just because our fridge and freezer are both currently packed to the gills. It looks like we should be hosting a family reunion or something. But TLV also sells fresh beef, pork, and chicken.

This year, Howard County hosts a Farmers' Market practically every single day of the week. You will find many of them at various libraries, as well as the hospital. If you are as excited about seeing wine at the market as I am, check out the website for Elk Run Vineyard to discover where and when they will be participating. I hope I'll run into you at the market this summer. Cheers!