Harris Teeter at Turf Valley

Unfortunately, while I was strolling the aisles of this new supermarket yesterday, I wasn't thinking of writing this blog. So I didn't take any photographs of the friendly, smiling employees or the shelves being restocked. I had my list and my coupons, and I just got to work.

You may already know that Mr. Balancing Act and I do the weekly grocery shopping together at Costco and Trader Joe's. Between those 2 stores we can usually find ALMOST everything we need or want. But sometimes there is a need to hit a local supermarket in between.

Yesterday's trip to Harris Teeter took place for a few reasons. Number One reason: my daughter begged me to go. Number Two: we did actually need a few things for the cupcakes I plan to make for my younger daughter's birthday.

I saw these cupcakes made on Paula Deen's cooking show on Food Network. You know I have a crush on Paula! You can find the recipe for these on Martha Stewart's website (believe it or not!) and they come from a cookbook titled Hello, Cupcake! by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson. I LOVE the TV dinner idea. The cupcakes are designed to look like a fried chicken leg, mashed potatoes with a pat of butter and gravy, and peas and carrots. Really awesome, right?

Anyway, I needed to pick up some Starburst (for the carrots and butter pats) and Skittles (for the green peas) as well as some mini-donuts (to build up the chicken legs) and a couple of avocados (not for the cupcakes!). BTW: the avocados at Harris Teeter Turf Valley were LARGE, slightly ripe, and on sale. If you are in the mood for guacamole, you might want to run right over there.

I also found organic coconut milk ($3.79 for a 14 oz. can) which I have never seen before. Of course, it was more than double the price of the regular coconut milk, but I decided to try it anyway. Sometimes you just have to splurge. Lamb shoulder chops were on sale for half price so I tossed a package of those into the cart as well. I really wanted lamb shanks, but these were easy to throw on the grill.

Overall, this brand new store is very clean (to be expected) and not the least bit crowded. Those poor cashiers were scrambling around trying to look busy with nary a customer in sight! I will have to go back again and explore more completely, and give the friendly staff something to do.