Bootcamp 3x/week

Some of you may remember that last winter I was whining so much about bootcamp that I took a break from it altogether. I decided to drive 45 minutes to a Viniyoga (therapeutic yoga) class in Frederick County. Well, what a fiasco that turned out to be! The teacher I had chosen to study with neglected to tell me that she doesn't show up to teach her class all that often. Out of an 8-week session, I managed to take a total of 3 classes with her! She had a sub teach at least half of the session, I was away for one week, and a class was canceled due to inclement weather. Lesson to be learned: appreciate what you have.

So now I am leading bootcamp workouts 3x/week. I am learning to appreciate bootcamp.

Here are some great things about bootcamp:

1) It takes place in the park right next door to my home. As far as location goes, you just can't beat it. Although I drive my car over because I lug a bunch of weights and towels and equipment, I could easily walk or ride my bike there if I needed to. (If you want to experiment with outdoor bootcamp-style exercise, I am betting there is a park or playground close to your home, as well.)

2) Bootcamp kicks butt! This is a full-body workout like no other. After just one week of M/W/F bootcamps, my muscles already feel tighter and stronger. Although I lead all types of classes year-round, like Zumba-style dance fitness, Pilates mat, and yoga, I think bootcamp kicks my butt harder than all the rest combined.

3) Bootcamp pushes me out of my comfort zone. I have been a dancer for more than 30 years. So the studio is definitely my comfort zone. Dance-based fitness classes are extremely fun for me to teach and I hope I never have to give them up. But bootcamp often makes me uncomfortable. Running is one of the hardest things for me to do. So sprinting up hills and stairs is a major killer! But that is what bootcamp is all about: pushing yourself beyond where you feel comfortable and secure.

4) Bootcamp brings out the inner athlete in all of us. We are all human. We were all born to move. But most of us never discover our true potential for speed, agility, strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. Although you might not discover all of this in your very first bootcamp class, if you stick with it, you will be amazed at the skills you begin to acquire.

So I am looking forward to another week of bootcamp on Monday, Wednesday AND Friday! I would love to discuss it with you some more, but I better go and stretch this tight body before I need to work it out again!