R and R Taqueria in Elkridge

Let me first apologize for the fact that I have no photos to share of my Mexican meal from R and R Taqueria. It never occurred to me to take photos as I was too excited to eat my very first authentic Mexican torta. I actually still have half of it in the fridge from yesterday, but I don't want to post some sorry-looking leftovers. Please visit their webiste at www.RRTAQUERIA.com for many enticing photographs and a complete menu, plus directions to their two locations.

I have read about R and R on the HowChow blog (which is well worth a look if you are a Howard County resident) and then I happened to see a rerun of Diners, Drive-In's, and Dives with Guy Fieri where he visits R and R in Elkridge. In case you are envisioning a sit-down restaurant, wipe that image out of your brain! Now picture a Shell gas station on the corner of Route One and 175. This joint is IN the gas station. There are two tiny, thin countertops with a total of 5 stools where you can perch to munch your tacos. I strongly recommend going with take-out instead!

When I checked out the menu online, I saw that this place is truly authentic. They serve tacos of ALL varieties, including chorizo, pollo (chicken), carne asada (steak), lengua (beef tongue), buche (pork belly), and many more. The price per taco is $2.25. No lie. The tortas (Mexican sandwiches) are $6.49 each and mine was so large I was stuffed after eating just half. The burritos are $6.00 each and also enormous. They carry MANY more Mexican specialties, most of which you have never seen before on a restaurant menu. As I have mentioned: AUTHENTIC!

But the real reason I was so excited to taste my torta was the LENGUA! As a child, I ate beef tongue on a regular basis. If you are my age and grew up in a Jewish household, you probably did, too. And I love tongue. I am always baffled when people act like this is a gross dish. To me, it is just as normal as roast beef or pastrami on a sandwich. Anyway, my torta was stuffed with tiny cubes of tongue, Mexican cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and peppers. The bread was a thick submarine roll, very fresh and soft. Delicious and extremely filling. Not very similar to the tongue of my childhood, but more of a new taste experience.

My daughter's chicken burrito was packed full of flavor and color. Besides the moist, shredded chicken, there were carrots, rice, beans, and a tomato-based sauce. We asked for no jalapenos as she didn't want it to be too spicy. She could only eat half, but went back for the other half later in the evening. It looked yummy, but she didn't want to share!

If you are in search of some very inexpensive take-out, you must head right over to Elkridge and visit R and R Taqueria. You will get your money's worth and way more!

NOTE: R and R now has a full, sit-down restaurant in Perry Hall as well.



  1. LOL. I know that "no photos" moment. I have already eaten half of this dish. Is there a way to turn the plate to photograph the remaining half. I'm glad you liked R&R.


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