Panera's Hidden Menu

OMG! This discovery has me floored! Have you ever heard of such a thing???

Yes, I just discovered that Panera (the BREAD place) has a hidden menu which is completely Paleo! Hold on. I have to go find my socks because this just ROCKED MY SOCKS OFF!

I am not someone who eats out all the time. In fact, we rarely go out to eat. And if we do, I am usually looking for something naughty that I never make at home. But I'm thinking for anyone who is planning to do the Whole 30 with me this September, this is some seriously GOOD NEWS!

The Panera Hidden Menu has options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can find a roast turkey bowl with egg whites, pesto, and veggies. Or a steak and eggs bowl with tomatoes and avocado. There are also numerous salads with only healthy, Paleo-compliant toppings. Of course, no croutons, no sugar or corn syrup-laden dressings, no preservatives or additives. This is the real deal!

I have no clue why Panera would want to keep this menu HIDDEN!?!? It doesn't make any sense to me. Why not advertise your commitment to healthy eating? Why not openly support all the people trying to lose weight and improve their health? I can't figure that part out.

But apparently you have to mention to your server that you want to order from the HIDDEN MENU, to make sure they don't become confused and give you something made out of bread.

Here is the link to the hidden menu so you can see for yourself. I didn't make this up:

Check it out! Maybe I'll see you there in September, chowing down on some whole foods!


  1. This is amazing! I can't wait to go to Panera and play Intriguing Health Spy!!

    1. Love to hear about your experience, if you try something off the hidden menu!


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