RG's BBQ Cafe

If you peruse the Yelp reviews on this fairly new BBQ spot located at 9990 Washington Blvd. in Laurel, MD, you will get a very mixed message. About half the reviews are glowing 5 star recommendations and the other half HATED it. It seems that a lot of folks were comparing the new cafe with the old spot that happened to inhabit the same space. Not exactly fair, in my opinion.

I purchased a Groupon for RG's awhile back and only just used it yesterday. Often, even after redeeming a Groupon, I feel ripped off due to the high prices of the meals I have eaten. Not this time. When I tell you all the food that we purchased, you will have to agree.

I had read a review of RG's BBQ Cafe in the HowChow blog. (I would post a link here but I am technologically hopeless. Let me try: www.howchow.blogspot.com) Mr. HowChow recommended the lamb shank and I take his advice seriously. So you know I had to try the lamb shank. He also recommended trying as many sides as possible. And I complied.

My daughter and I shared one barbequed lamb shank: fall-off-the-bone tender and drenched in a sweet, yet spicy-enough tomato-based sauce. A definite winner. We also shared baked beans (my daughter's favorite of all the sides. Both sweet and smoky with plenty of heat), collard greens (a bit too watery for my taste), corn bread (light as a feather, not too sweet), mac and cheese (too creamy and overly rich, no bite to it at all), and fries (not too thin, a little peel left on). This amount of food was ridiculous for the two of us. The total bill came to $22 and something cents with tax. Because I had a Groupon, I ended up spending only about $12. That's right. For all that food. I call that a bargain.

We ate our lunch out back at a picnic table on the brand-spanking-new wooden deck behind the cafe. (We had enough food left to take home for dinner as well!) A kind gentleman followed us out and put up an umbrella to save us from the midday sun. No one else was brave enough to bake in that heat, although the back porch was pristinely clean and decorated with planters. The indoor space was definitely cooler, also immaculate, and many tables were available there as well.

If you are heading down Route One in Laurel, you should swing by RG's BBQ Cafe and give it a try. Next time I'm going to sample the pulled pork!