Why Whole 30?

By now, most of you have probably heard about the plan to eat only whole foods for 30 days during the month of September. I actually did a very similar program last September, although I didn't call it "Whole 30" or try to follow their exact guidelines. I did, however, give up sugar and sweeteners, all grains, alcohol, and all processed foods for a month. The results were good. Here are some of the things we can achieve on such a plan:

1) Discipline. I don't know about you, but I can get lazy. I can let things slide. I think most of us can. So tightening up the reins on my self-discipline is something I consider very worthwhile. Maybe I don't want to live this way 24/7. But I like to know that when push comes to shove, I can make a decision stick. And 30 days on ANY program is a good first step to achieving your goal.

2) Momentum. If you have tried to turn your life around before, you know the value of momentum. The first few days, or sometimes hours, on any new program will always be the most difficult. Once you get through a week or more, you will experience some smoother sailing. If you can follow this, or some other plan, for a full month, you will have successfully developed new habits. Who knows? You may even discover that you prefer green tea over white wine.

3) Weight loss. I have not been emphasizing weight loss as the main reason to join me on the Whole 30. Why not? Many reasons. The program is not intended as a weight loss program. Yes, you will probably (almost definitely) lose weight. But the main intention is to become healthier. And if you only stick with a diet for one month, you will certainly lose the weight, and then gain it right back. The only way to keep that weight off permanently is to make permanent lifestyle changes. The Whole 30 can be a great jumpstart to your weight loss journey. Just be sure to mindfully and slowly add foods back into your diet when the time comes.

4) Cleansing. When the seasons change, many traditions include a period of cleansing to rid the body of old toxins that may have built up during that season. Many of us have let our normal (read: pristine) diets slide a bit during the summer. I know I have included more whole grains and more sugar than usual. In order to welcome in the new season, in this case, autumn, we will be cleansing our bodies during the month of September, covering the 3 weeks before and the first week of fall. This is perfect timing!

Do you have your own reasons for wanting to join us on this journey? I'd love to hear them. If you have questions, concerns, or comments, please leave them below!