An Attitude Adjustment

You'd think I'd have this down by down. I know it's all about the attitude. Whether you are trying to lose weight, or improve your fitness, or beat cancer, or repair your marriage, or find a job, or WHATEVER, it always comes down to attitude. Sure, there may be a little luck involved here and there. But a sucky attitude will always bring you down. No matter what.

Here's a great example:

I started out this month on the Whole 30 with a burst of enthusiasm. Yes, I was PSYCHED. I wanted to lose some weight, for sure. But I also wanted to feel fantastic. And I did. For a week or so. Then my hormones began to rage again.

Oh, those ugly hormones.

You might think I would have LESS PMS on this pristinely pure diet! Shouldn't I have fewer zits since I have eaten NO chocolate? NO sugar? NO processed junkfood? Well???

I may be having a few mood swings as I type this.

During our weekly trip to Costco and Trader Joe's, the ENTIRE time I talked NON-STOP about all the foods I was going to eat in October, when I finish the Whole 30. I pointed them all out to my husband. And I only succeeded in making myself feel hungry and deprived. I got myself a tiny bag of kale chips for a treat. Woo-hoo.

Can you see what I mean about attitude? Yes, mine has been sucky so far this week. I should know better.

I need to give myself a good kick in the butt. I need to start getting my gratitude on. I need to feel grateful for these zits because my body is getting rid of nasty toxins through my skin. I need to remember that I am LUCKY to have all these whole foods in my refrigerator and my garden. I have been eating fresh figs off my tree every day. Awesome, right? You probably want to kick me yourself right about now.

Somebody please tell me that menopause is better than this. If that is the case, I say bring on the hot flashes! Bring on the night sweats! (Sounds like a great way to lose some excess water weight!) I have already lost my mind so a little more brain fog will be NOTHING to me.

Did this blog have a point?