Eat What You Need

I think this title is bit more obvious. The point of my last blog was that your diet should be satisfying. Just because you're trying to lose weight or get fit or beat cancer doesn't mean you have to eat bland, boring, tasteless, dry or disgusting meals. But it does mean that you have to ditch the junk food, the empty calories, the excess sugar and carbs, the stuff that is causing your demise.

Does your body NEED refined sugar? No. Never. If you rid your diet of all refined and processed sugars and grains, you will not suffer from anything except probable weight loss. And increased awesomeness.

Does your body NEED carbohydrates? To a certain extent, yes. But the amount is way, way less than what you may have been led to believe. And where do the healthiest carbohydrates come from? Yes, you know it: vegetables. If you want the quickest way to excellent health and simultaneous weight loss, substitute veggies for all the other carbs you normally eat. Ditch the bread, muffins, doughnuts, cereal, granola, pancakes, and waffles for breakfast and substitute protein (eggs, meat, fish, etc.) and veggies. Try an omelet, for example. Or a frittata. Or a veggie hash with poached eggs on top. If you are following a Paleo plan, ditch all the Paleo treats made with coconut and almond flour and eat some whole veggies instead. BOOM: instant weight loss.

Am I suggesting that you should live the rest of your poor, pale, sad life with absolutely no treats? No, of course not. But think about the word "treat" for a minute? Does it imply something you have every day? At every meal? Once per hour? I think not. If something is going to be a treat, I think you should consume it rarely. On special occasions. In our culture, we are just not into that. We are much more interested in instant and CONSTANT gratification. Does it taste good? Then give it to me NOW.

I can tell you, when I have my next treat, it is going to be an occasion for celebration. My wedding anniversary is coming up very soon. We plan to try a restaurant we have never been to before. I'll be sure to fill you on all the details. But after a month of no sugar, I am going to want to savor (and continue) the benefits I am currently enjoying. Like a flatter belly. Looser clothing. A smaller waistline. Less body fat. If I were to dive right back into those carbs like there was no tomorrow, I can guarantee that I would lose everything I have gained in the past month. And gain back everything I have lost. Probably in a matter of hours. Truth.

So eat what you need. As close as possible to no added sugar whatsoever. Mostly whole foods. Substitute veggies which are full of nutrition and low in calories for foods which are the opposite. Get enough protein. For women going through menopause, this amount is probably MORE than what you think. Choose foods that appeal to you, but are the least processed. Aim for a rainbow of colors. And if you are going to treat yourself, do so on occasion. Let me know how it goes!