Over the weekend, my daughter came home from college. It was a bit of a surprise because when she left a few weeks ago, I was pretty sure we'd never see her again. Well, at least not until Thanksgiving when she'd feel like she had to come home. Bottom line: she had a lot of laundry. Apparently it costs about $5 to do a load at school. And her boyfriend was out of town.

But it was great to see her. And we had a very fun day together on Saturday. Fun, that is, if you like to sweat. Profusely. And repeatedly.

In the morning, we did an hour of Zumba-inspired dance fitness choreography together. It was just like old times. She used to attend all my evening Zumba classes and help me with my choreography, making sure my moves weren't too easy. Or too dorky. These days I'm on my own. (Sorry for all the dorky moves, guys!)

Then, as if that wasn't enough exercise for my aging body, in the afternoon we did INSANITY!

Insanity (probably should be trademarked) is a program created by personal trainer Shaun T which you can purchase online for approximately $80. You will receive a bunch of DVD's and a calendar to mark your progression through the workouts. The workout we did was called something like Pure Cardio. Or Sweat Your Butt Off. Something like that. According to the promotional material, this is the hardest workout you will ever do.

Although I think Crossfit workouts are probably harder, the workout we did was pretty killer. There were no weights involved, only body weight exercises performed at a fast pace to burn lots of calories. Shaun T, to his credit, gives some good instruction and feedback, although I did see some of his "clients" performing movements with truly hideous form and no correction. So if you do buy this program, only watch the instructor.

The "warm-up" consisted of rhythmic exercises--jumping jacks, jogging in place, stuff like that-- in sets of one minute each. We did three sets, each set getting progressively faster. This alone was quite a workout. There was a short break for stretching, which I really appreciated. The exercises which followed were harder, faster, and sweatier. This program concentrates almost solely on lower body strengthening. Lots of squats, jumps, lunges, and very little upper body strengthening. The entire workout lasted about 45 minutes, including the warm-up and a very brief lower-body stretch at the end.

Since I only tried this one workout, I can't really give you an overall recommendation of the program. All I can say is: what I experienced was quite difficult. I'm sure I burned close to a million calories. My weight is probably down to negative numbers now. When I turn sideways, I completely disappear.

Not really. But this would probably happen if I did this program on a daily basis. Either that, or I'd keel over and require immediate hospitalization. There is a reason it's called Insanity.