Is it Working?

First off, let me say Happy New Year! L'Shanah Tovah! Today is Rosh Hashanah. Although dipping apple slices into honey is a traditional component of today's Jewish celebration, I will be sticking with just the apple. Often a challah is baked in a round shape to signify the circular or cyclical nature of the year. But I figure, an apple is also round. That's my story. 

So far, we have been on the Whole 30 program for 4 days. (When you read this, it will be the 5th day.) Have you noticed any changes yet? We are not supposed to get on the scale, but I have a secret to tell you: I got on the scale anyway. Yup. After only 24 hours on the Whole 30, I had already lost a pound and a half. And I wasn't eating a boatload of grains or sugar before this. If you were heavily indulging in all the no-no's, I'm guessing your weight loss will be even more dramatic. I haven't gotten back on the scale since Day 2, and I am planning not to until the end.

Now, I realize that my weight loss was purely water weight. There is no way I lost a pound or more of fat in one day. Just not possible. About a pound of fat loss per WEEK is considered excellent. Usually if you are losing gigantic numbers initially, you can bet that weight loss is mostly water.

So is it good or bad to lose water? As far as your health is concerned, it is not a problem to lose water weight as long as you are consistently and constantly replacing that water by drinking. Drinking water, that is. (Just want to be absolutely clear here.) Signs of dehydration can include constipation, muscle cramps and spasms, aching joints, low energy and fatigue, reduced performance of physical tasks, dizziness, nausea, headache, etc. If you are on the Whole 30 program, drinking PLENTY of water is mandatory! I aim for a minimum of 3 liters of pure water, plus 2 cups of green tea daily. So far I have had absolutely no problems with dehydration. How about you?

As far as your waistline, your weight, your measurements, how you look and how you feel, losing water weight is just as awesome as losing fat (as long as you are NOT dehydrated). Losing water weight means less bloating and more muscular definition. If you are wondering why you work out all the time but can't actually SEE any of your muscles, this could be due to excess water weight. It could also be due to excess body fat. If you excrete the water and still have zero definition, just keep going because the fat is coming off next.

So my question to you is: are you noticing anything yet? Are you feeling more energized and less fatigued? Are you still experiencing cravings for sugary carbs? Are your pants becoming a little looser? Is your belly looking a little flatter? Please comment below and tell me what's going on!