It's Here!

Happy September to all of you! If you are embarking on the Whole 30 with me today, then super happy awesome to you!

I got on the scale yesterday for the last time for a full month. I also whipped out my measuring tape, just in case the number on the scale didn't cause quite enough pain. But for the next 30 days, we can put all of that behind us. Now we are on the journey. The journey to becoming healthier and happier.

In terms of the happiness part, I realize some of you may believe that sugar and/or alcohol are necessary components of a "happy" life. For example, can you imagine a wedding without either one? Or a child's birthday party? Or an anniversary celebration? Not in our culture. But I believe cultivating happiness from the inside is a very worthwhile endeavor. Can you be happy without drinking? Without a piece of cake? Are you willing to try?

Hopefully you will be able to successfully navigate the celebrations of September without ditching your commitment to whole foods. There is nothing on my calendar for this month that has me worried. A traditional Rosh Hashanah celebration involves dipping apples into honey to invoke the sweetness in life. I think a simple apple slice can accomplish the same goal. Of course, I will also be skipping the challah this year.

At this moment, I am pondering what to eat for breakfast. I finished off the chicken and apple sausages yesterday, deciding they were a processed food and would not make the cut for the Whole 30. In terms of deciding what is IN and what is OUT, I think you have a bit of leeway. If your processed food is organic, completely natural, devoid of additives and preservatives, and contains only a very few ingredients, all of which are acceptable, then you may decide this food fits your criteria for the Whole 30. The guidelines on the Whole 30 website specify 5 ingredients or less, I believe, but this is an arbitrary number. You can decide to be more stringent or less.

Today, some breakfast options at my house include: eggs (scrambled, fried, or boiled), leftover chicken (roasted), leftover chili (homemade), gazpacho (who am I kidding here???) or some salmon. Time to get creative. Many of us rely on grains, in some form, for breakfast. On the Whole 30, you are going to go beyond your breakfast comfort zone and explore some new options. How about a kale shake? (See blog post of the same name for recipe!)

Let me know what you have decided to eat for breakfast on your new Whole 30 program. Give me some ideas, please, before I resort to using my blender!