Maybe I don't really understand the concept of being neighborly. I must not. Because out of the blue yesterday, our next door neighbor came banging on our front door like he meant to bust it down.

It is a very lucky thing for him that I was in the middle of my stretching routine so my husband went to see what was going on. Apparently our neighbor had been drinking. A lot. And once he was thoroughly drunk, decided to pay us a visit with a gun strapped to his person in order to rant and rave about the condition of our gravel driveway and our bamboo plants. If I had gone to the door, I would have simply called the police. My husband was unbelievably calm and considerate, actually thinking about trying to maintain good relations with this neighbor. Yes, he is much smarter than me.

But don't worry. We have filed a police report. And hopefully, by now, the cops have spoken with this man and instructed him never to set foot on our property again. My husband has begun the process of cutting down and killing the bamboo which does not appear to have grown outside the boundaries of our property lines. We will also invest more money in the gravel driveway. The last time we paid almost $600 for a truckload of gravel to be dumped on our shared driveway, this same neighbor immediately hopped upon his tractor, scooped up a load of gravel, and transferred it to his own private portion, filling up his potholes. Yes, perhaps he has money issues. Maybe I should be kinder and more generous?

This drunken neighbor admitted at the time that his wife had advised him not to come over to our house. Wouldn't you think she might have done a little more to stop him from possibly killing us? Or getting arrested? Maybe she had more important things to attend to? I'm sure she's very busy. Definitely too busy to call and offer an apology.

Yes, life is stressful. Normally when I say this, I mean we have a lot going on. I don't usually mean that our lives are being threatened by a drunken, armed psychopath. Who lives next door.

I hope to be able to continue writing this blog. If you don't hear from me for awhile, can someone send a team of cadaver-sniffing dogs in to find us? I think it would be the neighborly thing to do.