One at a Time

I've been writing a lot lately about menopause. And in order to deal with the ugly symptoms which are cropping up (for me and possibly for you) I have already started adding some new supplements to my regimen. In truth, most of the supplements I am now taking are not strictly "new" to me. I just got lazy over the summer and neglected to take any at all. Now I have added them all back in. Plus one new one.

In terms of adding supplements specifically in response to symptoms of menopause (or anything else) you might want to heed this advice: just add one thing at a time.

If you decide to add about 10 new supplements all at once, you will have no idea which one of those
a) gave you a rash
b) made you nauseous
c) actually helped your symptoms
d) all of the above


So the only new supplement I have added this week is flax seed oil with lignans. I bought a rather large bottle of this stuff (organic, too) at Trader Joe's this week. I was surprised that the price was only $7.99. Seemed like a super great deal to me. Don't forget to store this in the fridge as it can go rancid once it is open.

Ideally, you should take this one new supplement for at least a month before adding anything else new to your diet. This way you will have some idea whether or not you have any problem with the ingredient. You should also know whether or not this supplement works for you, although some natural substances can take several months to build up in the body before reaching a level where you will notice some relief of symptoms. Read up on your supplements beforehand so you know what to expect and what to look for.

I am continuing my research and will keep you posted on the supplements I discover. And as I try them myself, I will let you know if I find them useful. But keep in mind that we are all individuals. What happens to work well for me might not be the right thing for you. But it could be!

If anyone out there is in the same boat and experimenting with products (natural ones, please) that assist in the transition through menopause, I would be very grateful if you would share your findings with all of us!