Where Are You?

On this 30-day journey of whole foods and cleansing, where are you today? We have traveled halfway through our month already! I thought it might be time to check in.

What is happening with you? Have you been whining and complaining like me? Or have you been sailing through your whole foods regimen unruffled and as peaceful as a Buddha under a tree? (Talk about a mixed metaphor!!!) What are you learning about your body, your mindset, your normal diet, your plans for the future?

Week one was smooth sailing for me. I went into this plan with a good attitude and I thought it might carry me through the whole month. But I had a few rough days this past week. Hormonal upheaval, compounded by some stress at home (read my past blog titled Neighbors if you need more details on that stress) caused some serious cravings. Strange how that works, isn't it? I mean, eating a hunk of sugary crap would do nothing to solve any of my problems, and yet that is exactly what my brain kept telling me to do. Instead, I whined incessantly. You all can consider yourselves lucky. My husband took the brunt of the episode and you only had to endure a small amount.

Yesterday I was still experiencing the cravings and I considered cheating. I told myself to wait until today. If I was still feeling desperate for a treat, I was planning to make a Paleo version of Morning Glory Muffins. (The recipe is posted on my blog.) I am headed to a swap today and thought I could bring most of the muffins with me to share. But I hoped, from the start, that delaying my cheating would actually be enough to cure my cravings. And today I am feeling my better. No need to bake. (I apologize to my carb-eating swap friends.)

Last September, I went a full month with no sugar and no grains. So I knew before we started that I could do this. I can't pretend that every moment is easy for me. But strength doesn't come from doing things that are easy. How do you know how strong you are until you test those boundaries?

I would love to hear from you about your journey. How are you feeling today? I hope your hormones are behaving better than mine and your experience is pure bliss.