Bulletproof® Your Coffee

 I'm not sure why this crazy blog needs to be in italics, but I have tried repeatedly to remove them and they seem to be permanent. Since I am one of those weirdo, hippie, go-with-the-flow types, I decided to roll with it. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Or stab 'em with a fork. (I know that made no sense.)

Back to the coffee.

DISCLAIMER: This coffee has never been proven effective against any type of real, live ammunition. If you plan to use this beverage in situations where you may come under fire, please resort to your normal, regulation Kevlar vests and tactical equipment. Do NOT under any circumstances enter a battle zone with only your "bulletproof" coffee.

My husband started making this recipe which he discovered somewhere on the World Wide Web. (See link below.) He quickly became completely addicted, in a good way, since this coffee is ultra healthy. I asked him if I could taste his, and he only let me take one tiny sip. But it tasted pretty good. In addition, after drinking a cup of this concoction, he claimed not to get hungry for a gazillion hours. He eventually ate a meal sometime later that day. Perhaps it was around either 3:30 pm or 8:30 pm or 2 am. I can't really remember.

So I asked him to make me a WHOLE cup of my own bulletproof® coffee for breakfast. It was a little bit hard to drink an entire cup as this beverage contains almost a full cup of fat. (I exaggerate, but not by much.) Then I also ate a chicken sausage. My husband was flabbergasted. He could not believe I actually ATE FOOD along with this coffee since he NEVER needs to eat anymore. I started to worry that my belly might explode or perhaps my other end which would be worse since I had to teach two classes back to back. Luckily all the nutrients I had consumed stayed safely inside my body. 

But by the end of my second class, I was just as STARVING as I always am. Big disappointment. I'm not sure if there is something wrong with me, like perhaps I have a hollow leg or some similar affliction that demands I eat food all the time.

However, if you are still interested in discovering the wonders of bulletproof® coffee, here is the simple recipe. Brew one cup hot black coffee. Add one tablespoon unsalted GRASSFED butter. (MUST be grassfed as the point is to receive Vitamin K2 which is ONLY found in grassfed products.) Add one tablespoon pure organic extra-virginal coconut oil. Place ingredients in a blender and whiz for about 30 seconds or until all fats have frothed and foamed and emulsified. Enjoy!

The dude who created this recipe and concept (and trademarked the word "bulletproof") has requested that bloggers link to his site. So here is the link: www.upgradedself.com/  I am not endorsing any of his products which I have never tried. We have only made this coffee using our regular, freshly ground whole beans.

If you decide to experiment with your own "bulletproof" coffee at home, let me know how it goes. Look, I'm no longer in italics! But I still can't fix all that writing up there. Go figure.