Peeing In the Shower

My friend Susan Yanguas is many things: a painter, an editor, a mystery writer, a self-published author, a former student of mine, and a huge inspiration to me. She is also a blogger. But she puts a unique spin on her blog by writing as her main character, Abby, in her detective novel series. (Here is a link: When I checked out her blog, I discovered something I found totally hilarious.

Abby, a Howard County based lawyer, massage therapist, and environmentalist, advocates peeing in the shower.

Those of you who remember the Seinfeld episode will recall that poor George was mocked mercilessly for this infraction at the health club. Jerry patiently explained to him that just because a shower has a DRAIN, that does not make it a TOILET. Abby happens to disagree.

And she lists many very well thought out reasons. Among them, Abby notes that we can save not only water (each toilet flush ranges from slightly less than 1 gallon to as much as 5 gallons, depending on the age and model of toilet) but also TIME by employing this shower peeing method. In addition, toilet paper is unnecessary in the shower. Saving water and TP means saving money, which is also important to most of us.

Now, every time I step into the shower, I think about this blog. Sometimes I am disappointed because I recently peed in the toilet and forgot to save my urine for the shower. Other times, I remember just in the nick of time, heading toward the toilet and then thinking NO! And veering straight into the shower instead where I can multi-task.

I wanted to write this blog so now you too can have the pleasure of multi-tasking, completing several necessary ablutions simultaneously. (I'm not sure if urinating can be considered an ablution. Hold on while I look this up. Okay, I think it can work here.) If you are like me, environmentally conscious AND extremely frugal, you will also enjoy this daily opportunity. Thanks so much, Susan!


  1. You're welcome, Liz. And thanks for letting your readers know about my--I mean Abby's--blog.

    Thanks for a truly entertaining post!

  2. My husband, who served in Viet Nam, said his CO told them peeing in shower helped kill the fungus their feet were susceptible to in that climate. Not so much of a problem here, but good to know!


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