Royal Taj Buffet Lunch

Yes, I did it. I went whole hog. Or maybe I should say whole grain. There was no hog involved. Just a couple of chicken dishes, a boatload of veggies, and some grains. And I went for it. No holding back. Four hours after this enormous lunch, I was still full.

If you love Indian food, if you love a buffet, if you appreciate a wide selection of the very best Indian dishes, including appetizers, entrees, AND desserts, PLUS some AWESOME hot chai, you absolutely must get over to Royal Taj in Columbia. I have tried every Indian buffet in Columbia, including Akbar's numerous times, but this place is hands down my very favorite.

At Royal Taj, they do everything right. The decor is lovely. The atmosphere is comfortable. The service is impeccable. But the food is the bottom line for me. And this food is to die for. There is always a vast selection of dishes. So many that it will be a challenge to try every one, even if you are hungry to begin with.

Each time I have visited, they have had the spinach dish called saag. This is a delicious, spicy, creamy stew of greens. One of my favorites. In addition, there is almost always a dish containing paneer, the glorious cubes of buttery fresh cheese that are irresistible. I went back for seconds of the mixed vegetables where I found surprise chunks of this cheese. There were two chicken dishes, both containing large cubes of white meat. Although the chicken itself was rather dry, both the sauces were rich and succulent. The only thing I can think of that could possibly improve this buffet would be a lamb dish. But I understand why they stick to mainly veggies and chicken.

The crunchy, deep-fried appetizers are not to be missed. The onion fritters, especially when dipped in an assortment of chutneys and raitas, are particularly tasty. And the desserts add the perfect, lightly sweet ending to the meal. Including the best chai I have ever tasted anywhere. Not overly sweet, perfectly spiced, and piping hot, my companion and I agreed: we could drink a gallon of the stuff. 

I know I have written about Royal Taj before. But I couldn't resist updating you on their progress. Every aspect of my meal and dining experience was thoroughly enjoyable. There is no good reason to stay away.