Union Jack's

On the first evening of Hanukkah, our family decided to check out Union Jack's in Columbia, Maryland. This pseudo-British chain offers both traditional pub fare and some American classics. Located on Little Patuxent Parkway, very close to the mall, you will not find any parking particularly close to the entrance. We had to walk through the rain and wind, passing multiple doors, rounding the corner, then walking even further, before we eventually came to an entrance. If you don't mind the extra exercise, you will find a lot to like about the place.

At first glance, a British pub may seem like a strange choice for Hanukkah, but I realized in hind sight that our selection was perfect. We ate fish and chips, all deep-fried, in celebration of the oil which burned in the temple for eight days and eight nights. With the amount of calories we consumed, we will probably need to perform high-intensity aerobic exercise for at least a week to burn off this meal.

Despite the caloric load, we enjoyed our meal. The haddock was done perfectly. The beer batter was golden brown, airy, and crisp. The fish was white and flaky, not overcooked. The remoulade sauce on the side was slightly spicy, and a great accompaniment, although not strictly traditional. The British would normally have a straight-up tartar sauce. The fries (or chips!) were also not exactly traditional, more of a long cut than the half moon shape, but the skin was left on and they were soft and fat, just the way I like them. (If you are a McDonald's fries aficionado, you will not dig these.) The little tub of cole slaw contained not just cabbage and carrots, but apples slivers and sliced red onions. It could have used more seasoning, but was still a unique take on an often boring, overly sweet side dish.

My hubbie was the only one of us to eschew the fish and chips. He had a burger with swiss cheese. His report on the burger was mostly positive. The meat was cooked to order, juicy and tasty. However, he found the bun to be dry. Possibly stale. I believe burgers are half-price here on Mondays, so that might be the night to get burgered. Yes, that is a verb.

I sampled a can of Young's Double Chocolate Stout with my meal. Their menu of British ales, porters, stouts, wheat beers, and other fermented beverages is quite extensive. I enjoyed my selection, although I think the next time I would choose a Guinness over the Young's brand. It is mighty hard to beat a Guinness.

 Since it was Wednesday night, all the British foods and beverages were discounted. We saved about $3 per meal on the fish and chips. It was a nice Hanukkah surprise!

Let me know if you head over there for a visit. I'd love to hear about your experience. We might go back for brunch sometime as the brunch menu looked so decadent. To die for. I'll have to burn off the fish and chips first, though!



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