Back to Boot Camp

As the holiday season ramps up to a full-out shopping and decorating frenzy, my regular fitness classes which I teach through the Howard County Recreation and Parks program are drawing to a close. We are finishing up our 12-week fall session with a few more classes this week. Then we take a break. A LONG break. A 6-week break. I'm not sure why we have such a long break, but this is the schedule.

In order to combat the calories that accompany our holiday proceedings, I have turned, once again, to boot camp. Most people know I have a love/hate relationship with boot camp. There are a few (completely insane!) folks who just purely love it. The rest of us do it because we know it's good for us. Like drinking a kale shake, it may not go down so easily, but once it's done, you know you've given your body something it needs. Maybe not something it WANTS, but something it appreciates after the fact.

What makes boot camp so good for the body is that it forces the body to do things it might not normally do. When you were a kid, you probably ran down the street just for fun. You played games that involved sprinting. Maybe you climbed trees which involved pulling your body weight up with your arms. In boot camp, we revive all these forgotten activities. We jump up onto benches and do pull-up's on the monkey bars or the fences. We sprint up hills as fast as our legs will go. Maybe you've heard of "functional" fitness? Boot camp is purely functional. We practice movements that your body SHOULD be able to do. This doesn't mean you will automatically be able to do any of it. But with time, with practice, with a commitment to fitness, you will learn.

If you think you'd like to check out a bootcamp class, leave me a message in the comment section. Let me know how to get in touch with you. We will be meeting on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings at 9am, starting next week. You don't need any experience, just a willingness to work hard. You might discover you love it. More than likely, you will discover that you feel better when you do it. When it's over, that is.