Chocolate Pumpkin Chai

My last post explained how a cup of hot chocolate and a cookie gave me a three day long headache. And now I'm posting this???

Yes, because I invented a new drink which is sugar-free (not counting the naturally occurring sugars in milk, of course) and delicious. And healthy. (Those of you who avoid milk due to allergies or other reasons can substitute almond milk or coconut milk. Both will work beautifully here.)

The ingredients are few, easy to find in your regular supermarket, and this drink is not quite instant, but pretty darn quick. It is a good choice during your mid-afternoon slump if you want a little caffeine but not a cup of coffee's worth. I have found that a cup of tea in the afternoon instead of coffee (which you know I love!) allows for better sleep that night.


One cup whole milk (or almond or coconut milk)
One pumpkin chai teabag (made by Celestial Seasonings)
1/2 teaspoon cocoa powder

Place teabag in large mug. Pour milk over it. Add some water, if you like. Fill cup almost to top. Place in microwave and zap for 2-3 minutes, until very hot, almost boiling. Stir. Add cocoa. Stir some more, until cocoa is completely dissolved. Remove teabag whenever you like, squeezing well. Enjoy!