A Big Mistake

I'm starting to think I should be banned from watching Food Network. I should be forced to wear a helmet covered with electrodes so that I receive painful shocks whenever I turn on that channel. If no one has yet invented such a gizmo, I suggest someone get right on this.

Sure, watching Food Network seems like all fun and games. That is, until somebody gets hurt. And by hurt, I mean somebody gets a serious craving for chocolate chip cookies. (And yes, that somebody is me.)

I made the huge mistake of watching Bizarre Foods America (another food show I LOVE!) with Andrew Zimmern. He just HAD to visit the Minnesota State Fair and work a shift at some ridiculous chocolate chip cookie booth the size of Rhode Island, with 22 (or some number like that) ovens baking 200,000,000 cookies every eleven minutes. The cookies come out of the oven and are immediately dumped into plastic buckets the size of a toilet bowl. One order of cookies is one bucket containing approximately 30 billion calories. Meanwhile, people have lined up across the entire state to purchase these cookies.

Not only this, but I saw the ingredients that went into these monstrosities. It all starts with POUNDS of pure white shortening. Yes, this is the first ingredient. Trans-fat. No wholesome butter in these babies. Add several pounds of pure white sugar. Throw in another few pounds of white flour. So far, we are talking about every ingredient I avoid like the plague. Of course this was a turn off for me, but only intellectually. Watching those warm, soft, melty cookies plop into those buckets, every taste bud inside my mouth was screaming: GIVE ME SOME OF THAT!!!

And the craving has now lasted for weeks. Literally. I have been sticking to my guns and have eaten no sweet treats of any kind, but the image of those cookies is still imprinted on my brain. Like I'm a newborn baby duckling following around a bucket of fragrant, warm cookies. If you are starting to think there might be something seriously wrong with me, I have to agree.

I have one more day left on the Whole 30. I plan to finish the month strong, with no cookies of any kind. I can't, however, guarantee what will happen over the Superbowl weekend. I plan to make some chili and my husband's favorite spinach and artichoke dip. We already purchased some organic tortilla chips which will probably be my first cheat in over 30 days. Unless I succumb to the vision of chocolate chip cookies still dancing in my head...