Turkey Muffin Mania

When I published my previous blog about the Turkey Blueberry Muffins, you might have been a little surprised, or possibly even disgusted, at the prospect of replacing flour and sugar with ground turkey to create a "muffin." And I will readily admit, these muffins are more like a savory mini-meatloaf than a sweet bakery product. But that said, I have to tell you, I am pretty darn thrilled with the concept. I ate THREE of these for breakfast this morning. Yup. That's how delicious they are.

And being quite a former muffin lover, I am psyched to launch a whole new avenue of recipe discovery using ground turkey as my new medium of choice. Yes, that's correct. I am not stopping at blueberry.

What is your favorite flavor of muffin? Cranberry orange? OMG! That would be AWESOME with turkey! I have a particular affinity for Morning Glory muffins. (I have even posted a regular recipe on this blog, but don't check that out if you're on the Whole 30 plan. It contains whole wheat flour and other no-nos.) Morning Glories combine grated carrot, zucchini, apple, coconut, and spices. Sort of similar to a carrot cake flavor. Yummy, right?

Another thought: Curried Banana Turkey Muffins. Chopped or mashed banana would add sweetness and moisture, plus shredded coconut, curry powder, maybe cashews for some crunch. I tell you, I am on a roll!!!

Plus, did I mention how quick and easy these are to whip up? Less than 30 minutes for prep and another 30 minutes cooking time.

Feel free to hop on this bandwagon with me. Invent your own fantastic flavor combinations and be sure to share your ideas with us. I can't wait to hear what you come up with!