Cinnamon Short Ribs with Butternut Squash

My hubby sent me this recipe which is posted on youtube. Check it out if you'd like to watch the original version:

I didn't really change much. There are several very awesome things about this recipe:

1) It's extremely easy to throw together. Because the dish employs pre-cut butternut squash (HUGE time-saver from Costco!) the only thing you need to dice is a couple of onions. Easy peasy.

2) You toss all the ingredients into the slow cooker, set it, and forget it. It can cook low and slow for 10 hours, or on high for 4-5 hours. No browning or sauteing necessary.

3) The proportions are balanced for the Zone diet, so when you scoop out a pint-sized serving, you have all the blocks you need for protein, carbs, and fats for one meal. You honestly cannot ask for more than that!

4) Most importantly, this dish is Paleo, super-healthy, Whole 30-compliant, and best of all, delicious!


3.5-4 lbs. beef short ribs (Costco carries boneless short ribs.)
7 cups diced butternut squash
2 sweet onions, diced
10 garlic cloves, smashed
3 cups chopped tomatoes (I used one 15 oz. can.) (Yes, I know this is less than 3 cups.)
6 oz. tomato paste
1/4 cup olive oil
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon (or 4 cinnamon sticks)
3-4 bay leaves
2 teaspoons Kosher salt
1-2 teaspoons ground pepper
pinch cayenne

In a very large bowl, toss veggies with spices and olive oil. Sprinkle meat with salt and pepper. Cover the bottom of a very large crock pot with veggies. Follow with a layer of meat. Add more veggies. Then more meat. You get the idea. My crock pot was completely filled to the tippy top. Cover crock pot. Cook on low for 10 hours or on high for 4-5 hours. Meat should be falling apart when done. Makes about 8 servings.