Kale Salad (You Heard Me Right.)

I have a bone to pick. Last week in my class, not one but TWO separate individuals SWORE to me that Costco carries THE BEST kale salad. Pre-packaged, with dressing and accoutrements. Delicious was the word my students used to describe this salad. So I promptly added kale salad to my shopping list.

Perhaps they were pulling my leg? Having a little joke at my expense? Thinking this wacky yoga teacher will eat ANYTHING?

Now, don't get me wrong. I love kale. Edible kale, that is. In this world, there are lovely, supple sorts of kale with soft, tender leaves that taste yummy and not hideously bitter. Red Russian kale and black Tuscan kale are two nice varieties which I grow in my garden every summer. This Costco kale salad mix did not contain any of those. Nope. But plenty of the thick, spiky, decorative blue kale that is used in planters because nothing can kill it. Not winter. Not even machine gun fire. Nothing.

Do you know another of the ingredients in this salad mix? Broccoli stems. Yes. Stems. Sliced stems. I kid you not. I also found several large, thick kale stems. And sliced raw Brussels sprouts. Thick slices. Maybe it's just me, but I don't consider any of these things edible in the raw form. I don't like raw broccoli or cauliflower, either. Yes, I want to be healthy. But I don't believe it should be painful.

If you're in the market for a kale salad mix, and don't want to spend several hours chewing your dinner like a cow, may I suggest you opt instead for the Power Greens Mix at Trader Joe's? Their mix contains baby spinach, baby swiss chard, and baby kale leaves. I have learned the hard way that baby vegetables are always preferable. However, if you like your salad old, tough, and extremely fibrous, then head over to Costco. You can find an enormous bag of thick stems in the produce section.