Paleo Chocolate Mug Cake

If you are currently trying to quit sugar or complete the Whole 30 or basically avoid treats of all kinds, then please delete this post immediately. Do not pass GO! Do not collect any Monopoly money! Just do it NOW!

I know I shouldn't tempt you like this. But it's Paleo, you're thinking. Doesn't that mean healthy and pure, like the food our ancestors ate? Well, yes and no. Technically speaking, this microwaved mug cake is a Paleo-approved treat. It is grain-free, although not really sugar-free. I used maple syrup to sweeten the batter slightly. On a Paleo diet, you are allowed small amounts of honey or maple syrup as these are considered "natural" sweeteners. I have been trying to avoid all sugars and all sweeteners. Until today. As you can see.

Sometimes you just need a treat. Did I say that?

While my mug cake is cooling, let me give you the recipe before I forget it!


1 TB coconut oil
1 TB pure maple syrup
1 egg
2-3 TB almond butter
2 TB cocoa powder
dash of salt
1 TB coconut flakes (optional)
1 TB dark chocolate chips (optional)

Melt your coconut oil in a large, microwaveable mug. Stir in the rest of the ingredients, one at a time, in the order listed. Microwave on high for 2 minutes. The cake will pull away from the sides of the mug. Let cool slightly. The cake comes out moist, light, slightly sweet, and very yummy! Enjoy!


  1. Now that I've made a few versions of this mug cake, I wanted to let you know about other delicious additions. Dried sour cherries are AWESOME in this! Also, if you are not avoiding dairy, you can add a TB of cream cheese and/or a TB of sour cream. Both make it richer and creamier.


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