Saint Patty's Day Specials

Irish cuisine almost sounds like an oxymoron. It's like saying British cuisine. Except that I happen to LOVE both Irish AND British food. My mom is a Brit, so I'm sure this is a major factor in defining my taste. Fish and chips? Roast leg of lamb with mint sauce? Trifle? Tea and scones? Right? Am I right?

Anyway, today while we were shopping at Trader Joe's, my most favorite store, I happened to notice an awesome Irish corner. (If you shop at the Columbia, Md. branch, this is in the corner right next to the free samples.) This refrigerated corner is filled with special Irish products to enhance your St. Patty's Day celebration.

They are currently carrying two different brands of UNCURED corned beef. Both kinds are fairly expensive (not as cheap as Costco) BUT I always purchase uncured meats when possible. Sodium nitrites and nitrates are known carcinogens and should be avoided. But corned beef is DELICIOUS and should never be avoided! So check out the uncured corned beef while they have it in stock!

In addition, Trader Joe's is also currently carrying some Irish bangers. You might not know that these are sausages. Again, these are free from preservatives like nitrates.

Grab some cabbage and potatoes (right in the same corner) and whip up a batch of colcannon. This Irish dish features sauteed green cabbage and onions blended into mashed potatoes. Healthy, hearty, and yummy.

While you are visiting, you might also want to pick up a fresh pineapple. Only $2.99 right now. Smell the bottom of the pineapple to check for ripeness. It should have a sweet pineapple-y scent. I realize this is not Irish, but it is still delicious.

I hope your celebration is glorious and green!