Organic Strawberries

This week at Costco in Columbia, Maryland, we found 2 pound containers of organic strawberries. If you are a regular Costco shopper, you know they don't always carry every type of fruit and veggie in organic form. Strawberries are one of those heavily sprayed fruits, so it is more important to seek out organic ones whenever possible.

The 2 pound container of organic strawberries was $7. 49 (I believe) instead of $6 and something cents for 4 pounds of regular strawberries. Yes, you will pay more for organic. (Not always, but often.) However, in the case of strawberries, I honestly believe you get a better product for your money.

Regular strawberries are hit-or-miss in terms of flavor. I often find them large and watery, or hard and sour. In my limited, personal experience, opting for organic has meant strawberries that are ripe, sweet, juicy, and packed with real flavor. In short, a vastly superior product.

Strawberry season will arrive in our neck of the woods toward the end of May, and last for about 3 weeks or so. At that point, we will be able to purchase fresh, LOCAL strawberries from our farmers markets and roadside stands. You will also be able to pick your own at Larriland Farm and other local venues. Strawberries are not difficult to grow, so if you have a patch of sunny land, you might consider purchasing a pack of plants now. You won't be able to harvest berries this year, but after tending your patch for a year, your plants will be ready to produce for you.

For now, head over to Costco and snatch up a box of these beauties. They are so delicious, you don't need to add anything at all to them. Just sink your teeth in and enjoy!