Take a Break!

Today is the first day of my spring break. I have been looking forward to spring with a fervor. A desperate, clawing, needy fervor. And now spring is here!

I looked back through my blogs to see if I had already written this blog before. Sometimes I think I have a new idea, but I've already used it. Well, they say everything old is new again. So I'm not going to worry TOO much about recycling my ideas. Maybe I'll even have a new take on an old subject.

Last February, I wrote a blog titled, "Give Yourself a Break!" I went ahead and reread it today. I sounded back then exactly the same way that I feel today. Burned out. Tired. Injured with a slew of painful problems just minor enough to allow me to keep teaching. But a constant nag and a drain on my energy. Back then, I dropped my bootcamp classes and enrolled in a gentle yoga class, hoping to learn some new techniques while healing my injuries. The class turned out to be a bust. The teacher only showed up HALF the time! (Unbelievable to me as I NEVER miss a class!) She got a sub each time, but I had paid to take HER class. It was very disappointing.

And now, despite the fact that I haven't been teaching bootcamp since December, I am still tired, injured, and burned out.

So over this spring break, I am going to rest. Yes. A novel concept.

I'm planning to take a bath. At least one. It has been AGES since I last lounged in my clawfoot tub.
I'll walk my dog and plant some stuff in the garden, but I'm not going to EXERCISE. I'll do a little stretching and some yoga, probably foam roll my muscles. Maybe lie in the sun. No zumba. No weights.

I talk a good game, especially in my yoga classes, about taking care of the body. Listening to the body. Being kind to the body. But do I follow my own advice? (Insert rude noise here.) No. The answer is no. I do not.

I have been pushing my body non-stop for the past 30 years. It was fine in my twenties. I was almost never injured. It was less fine in my thirties. In my forties, I got a second wind and thought I could keep going. Maybe forever! But then I hit that magic number: the big 5-0. And my body started talking to me in a LOUDER voice.

"STOP THIS!" my body said.

Okay. I'm listening now.


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