Tuesday Weigh-In

Since I began my relationship with My Fitness Pal on a Tuesday (although I did not weigh in on that original Tuesday) I have decided to do my weekly weigh-in on Tuesday mornings. And guess what day it is today???

Yes, I stepped upon the ugly apparatus filled with bad news.

The funny thing is: I am always hopeful. I still have fond memories of the good old days. Those days (not SO long ago) when I could get on the scale and actually feel happy with the number revealed to me.

So, you want to hear the results? In the past week since my last weigh-in, I have lost 1 pound.

This might sound positive to you. Sure, it's better than gaining! But please keep in mind that I have been studiously tracking every morsel that enters my mouth, and keeping my calories under my daily limit, for a full three weeks now. And after all that work, I now weigh exactly what I estimated my weight to be when I began. So in my stubborn mind, I have accomplished NOTHING so far!


I told My Fitness Pal that I wanted to lose 10 pounds all together. At this rate, I'll be 90 years old by the time I get there. It took me three weeks just to get to my starting weight! Don't hold your breath.

On the other hand, if I ignore the ugly apparatus and its insulting numbers, I can tell you that I FEEL thinner. And I think the process IS working, although it is a SLOW process! Some days I want to chuck the app in the trash and just pig out like the swine I am (and I did do this to a tiny extent on Saturday night) but for the most part, cutting calories hasn't been horribly painful. One of the nice things is that I can choose basically any food I feel like eating, although I am still sticking mostly to a Paleo(ish) diet. (I have never cut out dairy as I feel I digest it without a problem.)

That's my check-in for the week. Don't let the apparatus bring you down!