Bistro Blanc

After a hard day's work in the field yesterday, picking strawberries, I didn't really feel like making dinner. So when I opened up my email from Bistro Blanc, reminding me about their half-price burgers and beer special every Wednesday night, I decided to start my birthday celebration a tad bit early.

I figure that after 50, it is time to institute BIRTHDAY WEEK.

Celebrating for a single day is fine for young people, but us older folk need to make the most of the dwindling years we have left. And what better way to celebrate than burgers and beers?

For those of you who are aware of my usual diet, this post should be extra funny. My husband and I both laughed throughout our meal. This is because we veered one hundred and eighty degrees off our normal Paleo eating plan. In addition to beer (made from grains) and burgers with buns (made from grains) we also ordered the BREAD PLATE! (Can you believe it? This place serves a basket full of rolls with assorted butters, oils, and dips as an appetizer.)

If you see me in the near future, you will probably witness the massive bloating I am sure to experience as a result of this meal.

Well, the rolls ($4) were homemade, soft, warm, and delectable. For a person who normally eats zero bread, this was a MOST decadent appetizer. The pink peppercorn butter was my favorite condiment. The English green pea dip was a vibrant shade of emerald and delicious, with a sprinkle of parmesan on top. The third dip was a flavored olive oil.

The burgers were served with hand cut fries sprinkled with rosemary and parmesan. Yum. I like my fries meaty instead of crispy (NOT like McDonald's) and these were a very nice, middle-of-the-road version. Not too thin. Not too thick. I did receive a large twig of rosemary in my serving. If I were I judge on Chopped, I certainly would have mentioned this faux-pas to the chef.

The burgers ($14 for beef, $16 for lamb but half-price on Wednesdays!) themselves were made from LOCAL beef from TLV farms, barely a stone's throw from Bistro Blanc! The meat was fantastic, if a bit under-seasoned. The buns were lovely, soft brioche rolls. The tomato slices were a deep red. The burgers were cooked perfectly to order. Nothing to scoff at.

We also enjoyed a couple of half-priced beers. My husband chose an Imperial Stout which was rich and chocolatey. I had a local (brewed in Baltimore) Duck Pin Ale. It was light and hoppy with citrus flavors.

If you're a wine connoisseur, you will definitely want to explore the restaurant's ENOMATIC: an automated wine-dispensing robot. (Not sure if it is actually a robot, but I thought it sounded more exciting to call it that.) You can purchase a special card to slide into the robot's mouth and then it will pour the wine of your choice. All the open bottles are kept fresh with nitrogen. (Our waiter explained this.)

Sorry this photo of the ENOMATIC is way less than awesome. I also took one of my husband, but he might murder me if I post it...

If you have never checked out Bistro Blanc, what are you still waiting for? The restaurant is located at 3800 Ten Oaks Road in Glenelg. They serve MUCH more than just burgers and beer. I recommend a trip!