Picking Strawberries

Back-breaking work? Yes. Worth it? Oh, yes.

The strawberry picking at Larriland Farm was considered fair today. That adjective only refers to the number of ripe strawberries available in the fields. But the quality of the berries we picked was beyond excellent. I'm not sure I've ever tasted such luscious, SWEET, juicy, fragrant berries.

Unfortunately, I had already purchased a large container of inferior berries at Trader Joe's this week. (The store bought specimens simply cannot compare.) So I didn't want to overdo the picking. I know, I could freeze them. But I just don't see that point in that. Freshly picked berries are way too awesome to freeze.

The variety we picked today was called Noreaster. Not sure if I'm spelling that correctly. The cashier told me the name when I inquired. He explained this was his favorite variety. And I'm going to have to agree.

I should have snapped some photos while we were out in the field picking because the weather, the view, and the company were all absolutely perfect. The white world of winter has now completely transformed into a gorgeous green canvas with a vibrant blue background.

If you can make time in your busy schedule, I recommend a trip out to Larriland. They also have fresh spinach for picking right now, and many more fruits and veggies will be ready by the end of June. Don't miss out on the freshest, most delicious produce you can find. Anywhere.



  1. Go pick more. There is nothing like popping a strawberry ice cube into a glass of wine in the middle of winter. Or, defrosting one and making strawberry balsamic vinaigrette for salad.

    You're right. They don't taste fresh and sweet after freezing. But I love using them in recipes. Or dropping quick frozen berries into a bowl of vanilla yogurt.


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