Sweet Cherries

In case you haven't gotten over to Larriland Farm to pick strawberries yet, there is another reason now to make that trip: sweet cherries.

Today, Patti and I picked both after bootcamp.

Asking Patti if she'd like to pick any type of fruit is like asking an addict if they'd like a fix. It's a given. There is just about no fruit that she won't pick. And I feel the same way. Picking your own is certainly not cheaper than buying fruit at the grocery store (most of the time) but the difference in freshness and quality is immense. There is no comparison.

The sweet cherries available this week are the dark red (black) variety. There are a limited number, meaning the fields may not remain open all day, and the season will be short. If you are a lover of sweet cherries, keep a close eye on the website (www.pickyourown.com) and zoom right over there when the picking is good. The website is updated several times per day to offer the latest information so you won't make a wasted trip.

Coming soon: tart cherries! These are great for jams, pies, juicing, and even dehydrating. Tart cherries should be available by the end of June. Just in time for your 4th of July cherry pie.

Maybe Patti and I will catch you next time we pick at Larriland! See you there!