Glyndon Grill

For my hubby's birthday, I wanted to take him somewhere new and different. When I spotted a Groupon for the Glyndon Grill, I took a look at their menu online and decided it was right up our alley.

This new restaurant opened last October on Butler Road in Glyndon, Maryland, which is next to Reisterstown. It was a bit of a drive for us, maybe half an hour, but that only added to the adventure. The pouring rain was an element we could have done without, though.

Luckily the storm eased as we pulled into the parking lot. The restaurant is a store front in a small shopping center. But once you enter the space, you are transported by the stylish, contemporary feel. We were offered the choice of a high or low table. The high tables are up front, near the bar, while the traditional tables are in the back. Although we were fairly early for dinner, the place was already quite busy.

Our waiter was young, friendly, talkative and charming. We ordered appetizers and entrees at the same time, which might have been a mistake, as the two courses arrived almost simultaneously. However, we went with the flow and just ate everything as if it were one big meal! No problem!

I was a bit worried when I saw the size of my "appetizer" salad, as I knew they offered an entree size portion of the same house salad. But our waiter assured me that I had received the $6 size and not the $12. It was a generous serving of field greens with goat cheese and candied pecans. Very yummy!

I also ordered the lobster roll. ($19) All the sandwiches come with shoestring fries. The lobster was piled quite high on the toasted roll, and the fries were not overcooked. (One of my pet peeves!) I couldn't taste the herbs in the herb mayo on the lobster, but I still enjoyed the roll. Perhaps a heavier hand with the seasoning might have detracted from the flavor of the lobster meat.
Those chips behind my plate belong to my husband's appetizer: spinach artichoke dip with tortilla chips. The dip was very runny compared to my homemade version, and I didn't care for it, but my husband polished off the whole thing. He also ordered the Hickory Burger, ($12) with barbeque sauce and Canadian bacon on top. I didn't taste it, but he assured me it was delicious.

Overall, I was very pleased with our meal. I have to say, our friendly waiter put the experience over the top for me. He visited our table often and chatted about his mom and dad, his girlfriend, his college courses, and his career plans. Maybe because my kids are the same age, I found this delightful. 

I'd recommend the Glyndon Grill for couples or families looking for a casual but upscale place to dine. They have a full bar, including local beers, wine by the glass, and signature cocktails. Maybe the next time we dine there, I'll try some and report back to you.

On the drive home, the sun peeked out as it continued to rain. We spotted a beautiful rainbow against a dark sky. No pot of gold, but definitely a wonderful evening.