Sweat and More Sweat

Today is going to be another sweaty one. I'm sweating already as I type these words. Our morning walk with the dogs was sweatier than usual. I think the temperature may hit 90F this afternoon. All summer long, we managed to avoid the 90's but now that it's September, summer heat has hit us!

Today is also the final day of bootcamp. I am both glad to switch to indoor classes for the fall, and sorry to see the summer sweat-sessions end. There is NOTHING like a bootcamp workout for whipping one into shape. When else am I going to sprint up hills or stairs? (I'll answer that question for you: NEVER!) Not to mention the pull-up's and push-up's, the one-legged squats, the box jumps and thrusters. I could go on and on. Bootcamp pushes me in a way that my other classes can't.

But change is good.

I have to keep reminding myself of this fact.

Change is good for everything. Good for the physical body. Good for the muscles and bones. The same workout day after day, week after week, can wreak havoc on the body. Professional athletes know this and usually have a season where they rest, heal, relax, gain weight, and prepare for the next bout of training. If you're not up for total relaxation, just changing your routine can offer a similar respite. If you run all the time, you might like to try a lower impact exercise to give your joints a break; swimming, biking, rollerblading, skiing, or skating are all excellent options.

Change is also good for your mind. Change can wake up your brain, offer new stimuli to your senses, and possibly help you feel younger, happier, more energetic. For my upcoming Fit Jam classes, I'm learning all new choreography to an hour's worth of new songs. Sure, it would be easier to just repeat the same songs I introduced during my summer session (those were also all new!) but I find that I'm more excited about teaching new material. And if I'm excited, hopefully this will spread to my students!

So I will sweat one more time out in the park this morning, running, jumping, pulling and pushing my body weight around. Then I'll enjoy our potluck picnic in the pavilion to celebrate the end of summer bootcamp. And after today, I'll be back in the studios at Gary Arthur Community Center in Glenwood, Mount View Middle School in Marriottsville, and Roger Carter Community Center in Ellicott City for my indoor classes (Fit Jam, Pilates Plus, and Yoga for a Stressful World) offered through Howard County Rec and Parks.

I hope to see you there!