Banish This Phrase:

"What do I feel like eating?"

Do you ever fall into this trap? Maybe you fall into it so frequently, you didn't even realize it was a trap?

The key words are "feel like." You could also substitute the word "craving." Which is even worse.

How many times have you pondered what you might be craving, only to come up with steamed kale? (Well, I have to admit that I might occasionally crave healthy green veggies or a salad, but I'm guessing this is not very normal.) I'll bet any time you entertain the idea of fulfilling a "craving," you are not likely to consume something healthy.

Let's say it's dinnertime. You just got home from _____ (fill in the blank) and you're hungry. Your blood sugar is low. (This is a terrible state in which to make any decision, so you are already in a bad spot.) The worst thing in the world that you could say to yourself at this point is: "What do I FEEL LIKE eating?"

Why? Because you are most likely to want something that will instantly reverse your state of low blood sugar. And that means carbs. High carbs. Quick carbs. These are the foods we typically crave: pasta, pizza, bread, bagels, chips, muffins, cookies, cakes, candy, desserts of every kind. And once you begin to stuff those tater tots into your face, do you think you're going to stop with one single serving as listed on the package? I highly doubt it.

Let's rewind.

Imagine you come home from ____ and instead of plumbing the depths of your taste buds for the perfect sensation, you say to yourself: "What do I NEED to eat?"

Do you get the difference? Because it's huge. It's a major shift of attitude from tantalizing your taste buds to honoring your body.

Did you work out during the day? Did you lift heavy weights? Did you run several miles? Did you go to bootcamp? If so, you need extra protein to repair the muscle tissue you used in order to build strength. You need plenty of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. You may be able to handle a higher load of carbs like sweet potatoes or fruit.

Or did you sit at a desk for eight hours and then drive home in your car? Then you're not going to need as many calories to support that amount of activity. If you don't want to gain weight, you should probably eat lightly and stay away from those high carb foods.

One more time, let's rewind the tape.

This time, you arrive home with a plan. You have already prepped your ingredients. Your chopped veggies and defrosted shrimp are waiting for you in a tupperware container in your fridge. You just have to throw them in a pan and your stir-fried shrimp and broccoli is ready in mere minutes. Or your chopped salad topped with grilled chicken. Or your pot roast. Or your homemade soup which you just need to warm up. (I'm making Unstuffed Cabbage Roll Soup today. This recipe is posted on my blog. Use the search feature to find it!)

Planning ahead is your very best defense against cravings. And that hideous state of low blood sugar where you are bound to make the worst dietary decisions. Remember to consider what your body actually NEEDS, instead of succumbing to the lure of what you might think you want. I guarantee you will be happier in the long run after you eat something good for your body than you will be after giving in to a craving for junk food. Try it and see!


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