Miracle Mineral (for sleep and muscle cramps)

Stop what you're doing right now and go to your medicine cabinet. Or your kitchen cabinet. Get out your magnesium supplement and read what KIND of magnesium you've been taking. Does your brand contain "magnesium OXIDE"?

It probably does, because most grocery store brands use magnesium oxide. Including the brand we had been buying (in massive amounts, of course) from Costco.

However, this is NOT the type of magnesium which is most easily absorbed by our bodies. In fact, for most of us downing large capsules filled with magnesium oxide, we are unfortunately receiving NONE of the benefits of this very important mineral.

Our muscles use magnesium in order to relax and release from a contracted state. If you have been experiencing chronic muscular tension, cramping, spasms, and pain (including back pain!) you may be deficient in magnesium. This is very common, as the soil in which we grow vegetables these days is most likely depleted of magnesium. And taking just any magnesium supplement will not do the trick.

I know this firsthand because I've been taking those giant green pills I purchased from Costco! And yet, despite drinking at least three liters of water daily, I have still been cramping up. My feet, my calves, my hamstrings have all been chronically tense. I've started to discover the particular searing, burning pain of plantar fascitis in one foot. And for several mornings in a row, getting out of bed became interesting due to massive spasms in my low back. (Yes, I'm a mess.)

Then my husband (brilliant man that he is) began looking into his sleep problems. And lo and behold, what did he discover? One of the keys to restful sleep is MAGNESIUM! And not just any old magnesium. The trick is to find a supplement which contains magnesium CITRATE. Our bodies can most easily absorb magnesium in this form.

So he ordered magnesium citrate from Pure Encapsulations online.

We have both been taking our new magnesium capsules for about 48 hours now. My husband is taking 600 mg. per day total, while I'm taking 300 mg. We both take it in the morning and the evening, before bed. In this short amount of time, we have noticed significant changes in our muscular tension and levels of pain. We slept better than usual last night. And upon waking this morning, I rolled over and got out of bed with absolutely no twinges in my low back. The tightness in my hamstrings has disappeared as well.

I realize this sounds too good to be true. But I have read about the wonderful benefits of magnesium for years. I wondered why I wasn't experiencing any of those benefits when I was already religiously downing this mineral! If you are in the same boat, suffering from sleep problems and excess muscular tension, you might consider upgrading your supplements.

Let me know if you find any difference when you switch things up.